Winston-Salem bonds logoIn November 2018, voters approved five bond issues totaling $122 million for 36 capital improvement projects. The total includes $31 million for parks & recreation, $21.1 million for public safety, $14.5 million for economic development, $43. 7 million for streets & sidewalks, and $11.7 million for housing.

The projects adhere to the strategic focus areas adopted by the Mayor and the City Council. The parks and recreation bonds address the strategic focus of promoting a healthy environment and the housing bonds address the strategic focus on creating livable neighborhoods. The economic development bonds address the strategic focus on promoting economic vitality and diversity, the bonds for public safety facilities fall under the strategic focus of creating a safe and secure community, and the bonds for streets and sidewalks address the strategic focus on providing quality transportation.

Proposed Projects

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Locator map of proposed Bond Projects [pdf]

Streets and Sidewalks

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Street Resurfacing $13,600,000
Concrete Street Rehabilitation $6,230,000
Business 40 Corridor Improvements $3,800,000
Polo Road Improvements $3,670,000
Liberty and Main Streets 2-way Conversion $3,600,000
First and Second Streets 2-way Conversion $2,800,000
Multi-Use Path $2,300,000
East End Area Plan - Phase I $2,000,000
Little Creek Greenway - Phase II $1,500,000
Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements $1,400,000
Streetscape Improvements - Phase I $1,000,000
Salem Creek Greenway Pedestrian Sidepath $1,000,000
Greenway Development $800,000
Total $43,700,000

Parks and Recreation

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Recreation and Parks Facility Renewal $6,380,000
Winston Lake Park Improvements - Phase II $5,300,000
Salem Lake Park Improvements - Phase II $3,700,000
Quarry Park Development - Phase II $3,100,000
Washington Park Renovations $2,500,000
Hanes Park Improvements - Phase II $2,000,000
Playground Renovations $1,660,000
Carl H. Russell Community Center Renovation $1,160,000
Park Land Acquisition & Park Development $1,000,000
Bethania-Rural Hall Road Pocket Park $1,000,000
Strollway Renovations $1,000,000
Georgetown Neighborhood Pocket Park $800,000
William R. Anderson Jr. Gym Renovation $500,000
Easton Park Restrooms $500,000
Hobby Park $400,000 
Total $31,000,000

Public Safety Facilities

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Public Safety Radio Communications System $9,000,000
New Fire Station $5,000,000
Fire Station #3 Replacement (North Liberty Street) $3,600,000
Public Safety Training Complex $3,500,000
Total $21,100,000

Economic Development

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Economic Development Sites/Infrastructure $10,000,000
Liberty Street Redevelopment - Phase 1 $2,500,000
Commercial Redevelopment in Blighted Areas $2,000,000
Total $14,500,000


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Neighborhood Revitalization $11,700,000
Total $11,700,000

Streets and Sidewalks ($43.7 million) project details

Street Resurfacing: $13.6 million

The City of Winston-Salem maintains 1,013.52 centerline miles of hard surface streets. This project would allow the city to resurface an estimated 83 centerline miles of streets.

Concrete Base Street Rehabilitation: $6.23 million

The city has many streets that were built with concrete and substandard curb and gutter. The concrete base has exceeded its life expectancy. Asphalt has been applied on top of the concrete street in a thin layer to provide enough remaining gutter to carry stormwater, but this thin layer is constantly breaking and popping off. This project would rehab segments of eight streets with a one-time fix for a minimum of 15 to 20 years.

Business 40 Corridor Enhancements: $3.8 million

The City of Winston-Salem and Creative Corridors Coalition have committed to upgrading the appearance of the Business 40 corridor when the highway is rebuilt. This project would fund the clear noise wall on the Peters Creek Parkway Bridge, as well as other enhancements as funds allow, which could include monument foundations at bridges, pedestrian level lighting and enhanced landscaping.

Polo Road Improvements: $3.67 million

This project would fund safety improvements related to traffic flow on Polo Road between Reynolda Road and Long Drive. The project would include pedestrian improvements such as pedestrian signals, crosswalks, curb ramps and signs; and bicycle lanes.

Liberty and Main Streets Two-Way Conversion: $3.6 million

The reconstruction of Business 40 will eliminate the ramps at Liberty and Main streets. To facilitate downtown travel with this change, the Chamber of Commerce Business 40 Task Force recommends that Liberty Street and Main Street be converted to two-way traffic. This project would fund the conversion of Liberty and Main streets between Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Brookstown Avenue after the reopening of Business 40 in 2020.

First and Second Streets Two-Way Conversion: $2.8 million

The reconstruction of Business 40 will eliminate the ramps at Liberty and Main streets while leaving in place the ramps at Cherry and Marshall streets. To facilitate downtown travel with this change, the Chamber of Commerce Business 40 Task Force recommends that portions of First Street and Second Street be converted to two-way traffic. This project would fund the conversion of First and Second streets along most of their lengths between Peters Creek Parkway and Church Street, except for the portions indicated in red on the map. The conversion would be implemented after the reopening of Business 40 in 2020.


East End Area Plan - Phase I: Fifth Street Streetscape Improvements: $2 million

The East End Area Plan includes improving the appearance and function of East Fifth Street through streetscaping. This project would provide funds to conduct streetscape improvements along Fifth Street, in the area between U.S. 52 and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.

Multi-Use Path: $2.3 million

To allow for pedestrian and bicycle access between Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and downtown along the Business 40 corridor, a multi-use path has been included in the Business 40 rebuild project. The path would provide a separated transportation route for cyclists and pedestrians and would have connections along the way between residential neighborhoods, employment centers, and recreational land uses, including BB&T Ballpark. This project would fund the portion of the path from Peters Creek Parkway to Lockland Avenue, which is outside the scope of the Business 40 project.

Little Creek Greenway - Phase II: $1.5 million

This project would fund extension of the Little Creek Greenway from its current end to Somerset Drive, a distance of 3,500 feet.

Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements: $1.4 million

Funding for this project would be used to improve bicycle and pedestrian accessibility throughout the city. Projects could include repairing current bicycle and pedestrian facilities as needed, constructing roadway safety improvements, and expanding sidewalks and bike lanes.

Streetscape Improvements - Phase I: $1 million

A streetscape comprises the visual elements of a street, such as the road itself, trees and other plantings, lighting, benches, bike racks, and public art. Streetscapes give the streets character and help create an identity for an area. Many cities have developed streetscape standards to aid this process. A Downtown Streetscape Plan is currently scheduled to be developed and presented by winter of 2018. The plan will include design standards and funding estimates. This project would provide funds to begin implementing the recommendations in the plan.

Salem Creek Greenway Pedestrian Sidepath: $1 million

This project would provide funds to construct a pedestrian sidepath connecting the Salem Creek Greenway and Marketplace Mall to Silas Creek Parkway. The pedestrian sidepath would consist of a wide, ADA-compliant paved walkway running along Peters Creek Parkway from Marketplace Mall to Link Road, along Link Road to Lockland Avenue, and down Lockland Avenue to Silas Creek Parkway. Pedestrian crossings would be added at the intersections of Peters Creek Parkway and Link Road and at Link Road and Lockland Avenue.

Greenway Development: $800,000

This project would create a reserve that would allow the city to expedite greenway construction by completely funding design work for future greenways with local dollars. Staff would then seek construction funding through various state and federal sources.

Parks and Recreation ($31 million) project details

Recreation and Parks Facility Renewal: $6.38 million

Property and Facilities Management has performed facility condition assessments on all recreation facilities and has established a schedule for the replacement of roofs, replacement of heating and air conditioning systems, painting, renewal of interior finishes, replacement and repair of electrical and lighting systems, and miscellaneous maintenance. Along with general facility renewal, this project would also include needed maintenance, improvements and upgrades to lighting, security, tennis courts, basketball courts and pools throughout the city.

Winston Lake Park Improvements - Phase II: $5.3 million

This project provides for further development of Winston Lake Park following Phase I renovations and improvements that were funded with the 2014 bonds. Proposed amenities and improvements in Phase II include a lakefront strollway, lake dredging and dam repairs, improved fishing facilities including a fishing pier and fishing pavilion with restrooms, and pedestrian improvements.

Salem Lake Park Improvements - Phase II: $3.7 million

Phase I of renovations and improvements to Salem Lake Park was funded with the 2014 bonds and included a new Marina Center, restrooms, parking improvements and playground. Proposed improvements and amenities funded in Phase II include renovating the shoreline bulkhead, rebuilding the boat ramp, adding kayak storage and boat slips, and building a picnic shelter near the playground.

Quarry Park Development - Phase II: $3.1 million

This project provides for further development of the new Quarry Park built with the 2014 bonds. Proposed amenities for Phase II include a playground, picnic shelters, pedestrian infrastructure and expanding and paving the parking lot.

Washington Park Renovations: $2.5 million

A master plan was recently completed for Washington Park. The proposed funding of $2,500,000 would finance renovations to the basketball court and adjacent fitness area, replacing the restrooms, restoring historic infrastructure and shelters, building new concrete pedestrian paths and adding a picnic pavilion.

Hanes Park Improvements - Phase II: $2 million

Funds for this project would allow completion of the second phase of improvements to Hanes Park. Phase I is currently underway. Phase II would include renovating the Joe White Tennis Center and the hard- and soft-surface tennis courts, resurfacing the track and constructing an overlook along Hawthorne Road.

Playground Renovations: $1.66 million

This project would provide replacements and upgrades for playgrounds in select parks. Playgrounds are replaced based on annual safety assessments, condition of the equipment and overall usage. Potential parks could include Reynolds, Skyland, Lockland and Bolton.

Carl H. Russell Community Center Renovation: $1.16 million

The Carl H. Russell Community Center opened in 1987 and was North Carolina's first community center with gigabit internet access. Over time, increased demand for quality rental space and issues related to deferred maintenance have driven the need to make several upgrades/repairs to the community center. This project would provide funding for renovation of Carl H. Russell Community Center and could serve as a model for similar renovations across the city. Proposed renovations include new paint and updated interior lighting. Outdoor renovations could include exterior lighting improvements, improved accessibility, security improvements and several landscaping improvements around the community center.


Park Land Acquisition and Park Development: $1 million

This project would create a reserve fund to be used exclusively for future acquisition of land that could be developed into future park land and open space. Funding would be available for sites throughout the city.

Bethania-Rural Hall Pocket Park: $1 million

This project would create a neighborhood park to fill an unmet need in the Bethania Freedman's Community along Bethania-Rural Hall Road, adjacent to Fire Station 20. The park could include a gazebo, picnic tables, walking path and benches.

Strollway Renovations: $1 million

The Strollway provides a pedestrian and bike connection between downtown and the Salem Creek Greenway. The Strollway was completed 30 years ago, and its current condition presents several hazards to users. This project would include resurfacing and minor bridge repair.

Georgetown Pocket Park: $800,000

This project would create a neighborhood park to fill an unmet need in the Georgetown neighborhood in the North Ward. Park amenities would include a playground and benches.

William R. Anderson Jr. Gym Renovation: $500,000

The William R. Anderson Jr. Recreation Center gymnasium is heavily used. After successive resurfacings of the gymnasium floor over the years, the floor has reached the point where it cannot be resurfaced further. This project would pay for replacing the gym floor and new, expanded spectator seating.

Easton Park Restrooms: $500,000

Funding for this project would provide for the construction of new restrooms at Easton Park.

Hobby Park: $400,000

Public Safety Facilities ($21.1 million) project details

Public Safety Radio Communication System: $9 million

The current public safety radio communications system for both the city and county is more than 15 years old. It requires parts that can no longer be replaced and cannot be guaranteed to be serviced. A new system would be more geared toward software (versus hardware) enhancements and would include the replacement of radios. Most city operations, including police, fire, and public works, will use the new communications system. The total cost of a new communications radio system is estimated to be $18 million and would be split 50/50 with the county.

New Fire Station: $5 million

The proposed fire station would be built in the Parkland area and also would include a historic apparatus bay, highlighting the history of the department.

Fire Station 3 Replacement: $3.6 million

Fire Station 3, located at 2995 North Liberty St., was completed in 1964 and has outlived the usefulness of its design. In addition to inadequate apparatus bays, dormitory space, and storage, the facility contains no classroom space, physical training facility or laundry room. HVAC system design is inadequate, requiring the use of window units. Office space must also be used as dormitory space, and there are only two showers. Replacement with a building similar to the new Fire Station 8 would alleviate these concerns.

Public Safety Training Complex: $3.5 million

This project would fund land acquisition and master planning for a Public Safety Training Complex and construction of a 600' x 600' asphalt driving instruction pad for the Police Department that meets the specifications of the N.C. Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission. This is essential to ensuring police officers operate their vehicles safely and responsibly and use proper procedures during pursuit and traffic stops. The master plan would include facilities that would be funded and built at a future date, such as a fire training building, a fire apparatus driving pad, and a fire maintenance facility.

Economic Development ($14.5 million) project details

Economic Development Sites/Infrastructure: $10 million

City staff, in conjunction with the Utility Commission and Winston-Salem Business Inc., have identified potential sites where future industrial or business parks could be located or infrastructure developed, including Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, Union Cross Business Park, Brookwood Business Park and Whitaker Park. Funds could be used to purchase land and for park development and infrastructure, including grading, water and sewer construction, and road construction. Development of business parks has proven to be a successful tool for creating jobs and expanding the tax base.

Liberty Street Redevelopment - Phase I: $2.5 million

Funds for this project would be used to address urban blight along the Liberty Street corridor. Phase I activities could include streetscape enhancements, property acquisition, demolition and clearing, land banking, and new construction.

Commercial Redevelopment in Blighted Areas: $2 million

This project would fund site improvements for businesses in targeted urban commercial areas as part of the city's Revitalizing Urban Commercial Areas (RUCA) Program. Funds for site improvements would be provided in the form of grants and low-interest loans to small business owners. Of the 27 total RUCA areas identified in Tiers 1, 2 and 3, only 11 have received funding.

Housing ($11.7 million) project details

Neighborhood Revitalization: $11.7 million

This project would provide for investments in neighborhoods within the city's Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area and elsewhere. Investments would focus on housing rehabilitation and multi-family housing development to increase the availability of workforce housing as a key component of the city’s neighborhood revitalization strategy. Assistance could be provided in the form of direct or deferred loans and grants.

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Background Documents

February 26, 2018 Council of the Whole Bond Package Presentation [pdf/13p]
Detailed Descriptions of Proposed Bond Projects and Ward Maps [pdf/55p]
Citizens' Capital Needs Committee Final Report - December 2017

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