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The City of Winston-Salem has 19 fire stations strategically located throughout the city. The stations are located to provide maximum coverage with minimum response time. We currently have an average response time of under 4 minutes. Staffing at the various stations is determined by the number of apparatus that is assigned to that station.

The city is divided into three fire districts/battalions. Each has a command unit with a battalion chief that oversees all fire department activity within their respective district. Each district has six or seven fire stations.

The following map shows the fire districts and station locations across ward lines in the City of Winston-Station.

Map shows the fire territories and station locations across ward lines in the City of Winston-Station

Battalion One: Stations 1-2-6-7-10-16
Square Mileage of Battalion 1's Territory
: 38.04 sq. mi.

Battalion Two: Stations 4-5-11-12-17-19
Square Mileage of Battalion 2's Territory: 45.10 sq. mi.

Battalion Three: Stations 3-8-9-14-15-18-20
Square Mileage of Battalion 3's Territory: 50.79 sq. mi.

Total Fire Territory Command: 133.93 sq. mi.

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