Inspections Forms and Fees

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Fee Schedule
Fee Schedule Brochure [pdf/221kb/4p]


Affidavit Accessory Structure-Separate Meter [pdf/6.67kb/1p]
Application for Keeping Chickens or other Fowl and Pigeons [pdf/1.07mb/6p]
Affidavit-Separate Meter-Generic [pdf/7.46kb/1p]
Alternate Methods Requirements and Regulations [pdf/]
Change of Use Inquiry/Occupancy  (fillable on-screen) [pdf/443kb/1p]
Christmas Tree Lots - 2008 [pdf/53.9kb/1p]
Energy Efficiency Certificate (Section 401.9) [pdf/182kb/1p]
Erosion Control Plan Checklist [pdf/655kb/1p]
Farm Use Verification [pdf/481kb/1p]
Hood Performance Certification on Test [pdf/52.6kb/1p]
Inspectors Territorial Maps [pdf/7.77mb/6p]
Landscaping and Tree Preservation Checklist [pdf/125kb/11p]
Lien Agent Information-Lien Agenda Process [pdf/369kb/1p]
Non-Conforming Affidavit [pdf/435kb/1p]
Owner Exemption Affidavit [pdf/1.28mb/1p]
Safe Access Guidelines [pdf/782kb/2p/]
Single Family Dwelling Erosion Control Affidavit [pdf/671kb/1p]
Special Inspections Statement [pdf/52.8kb/18p]
Submitting Code Modifications [pdf]
Tree Ordinance adopted by the City of Winston-Salem[pdf/17.9kb/26p]
Tree Save Area Summary Calculations [pdf/17.9kb/1p]
Workers Compensation Coverage Affidavit [pdf/477kb/2p]

Requirement, Regulations, and Procedures

Administrative Zoning Letter [pdf/56kb/1p]
Aboveground and Belowground Tank Submittal Requirements [pdf]
Accessory Building Requirements [pdf/124kb/1p]
Building Permits for Single Family Homes [pdf/36kb/3p]
Commercial Submittal Requirements [pdf/106kb/27p]
Deck Requirements [pdf/759kb/2p]
Domestic Kitchen Makeup Air Requirements [pdf/81.6kb/1p]
Fencing Requirements [pdf/97.7kb/1p]
Fireplace Procedures and Requirements [pdf/108kb/2p]
Home Improvements-Do It Yourself [pdf/33.6kb/2p]
Home Occupations: Zoning and Permitting Requirements [pdf/390kb/4p]
Manufactured Home Setup in Parks Requirements [pdf/438kb/2p]
Manufactured Home Setup on Private Property Requirements [pdf/713kb/2p]
New Single Family Building Erosion Control Guidelines [pdf/600kb/1p]
Political Signs Letter to Candidates [pdf/114kb/1p]
Schedule of Required Inspections [pdf/454kb/1p]
Sign Permit Procedures [pdf/171kb/1p]
Small Home DayCare [pdf/41.2kb/1p]
Statement of Compliance-HVAC System Installation [pdf/16kb/1p]
Window Flashing AAMA Method "A-1" [pdf]
Wood Decks-Appendix M [pdf/353kb/6p]


Fire department regulations, fees and plan submittal requirements may be found at:
General Plan Review
Annual Fire Inspections (Fire Department)


Application for Contractor ID [pdf/36kb/1p]
Application for Demolition Permit [pdf/344kb/1p]
Application for Residential/Zoning Permit Application [pdf/107kb/2p]
Application for Special Use Permit [pdf/339kb/1p]
Application for Variance-form fillable on screen [pdf/274kb/1p]
Change of Contractor Affadavit [pdf/133kb/1p]
Commercial/Zoning Permit Application [pdf/453kb/2p]
2018 Appendix B Building Code Summary [pdf/316kb/10p]
Sign Application [pdf/460kb/1p]
Single Family Dwelling Erosion Control Affidavit, fillable on screen [pdf/95kb/1p]
Temporary Utilities Current Application [pdf/213kb/1p]


Non-Residential Districts General Dimensional Chart [pdf/1p]
Residential Districts General Dimensional Chart [pdf/1p]

Updated 1/16/2019

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