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North Central Area Plan Update [pdf/22.5mb/66p]

The North Central Area Plan Update was adopted by the Winston-Salem City Council on April 6, 2015. The City-County Planning Board recommended approval of the plan on February 12, 2015. The plan update will guide future area land use and public investment decisions including recommendations for transportation, community facilities, housing and community development, design and appearance, historic preservation, and economic development.

Planning Area Boundary

North Central Area Plan Boundary

The North Central Planning Area [pdf/300kb/1p] encompasses approximately 2,000 acres and is bounded on the north by Reynolds Boulevard and Akron Drive; on the east by US 52; on the south by Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Eighth Street, and the Southern Railway; and on the west by the Old Town Country Club. The planning area is in four city council wards. Approximately one-half the planning area is in the North Ward, approximately one-third is in the Northeast Ward, and the balance is in the East and Northwest Wards.

Plan Recommendation Highlights

The following recommendations are among those included in the North Central Winston-Salem Area Plan, beginning on page 21:

  • Develop Wilson Trail with compatible duplex, quadraplex, small footprint townhouse/multifamily development or single-family structures.
  • Continue revitalization of vacant or underutilized industrial sites in the planning area. Existing industrial sites could be converted to other uses compatible with surrounding residential areas.
  • Strengthen pedestrian connections between residential and commercial uses, especially the west side of North Patterson Avenue and the intersection of North Patterson and Indiana Avenues. 
  • Plant large-variety trees between the sidewalk and street along North Patterson Avenue.
  • Redevelop the commercial area that surrounds Greenway Avenue south of North Glenn Avenue with a mixture of commercial, low-intensity office uses, and/or multifamily housing.
  • Develop the Deacon Boulevard/Baity Street area with a mixture of intermediate- and high-density residential uses as well as commercial, office, and institutional uses. Design the area with an urban form that is pedestrian friendly with parking located to the side and rear of buildings.
  • Redevelop the area between North Chestnut Street and North Patterson Avenue at Northwest Boulevard with a commercial use, such as a grocery store, or for institutional uses. Parking areas should be located internally to be visually unobtrusive and pedestrian-friendly.
  • Construct new greenways in accordance with the plan recommendations.
  • Implement proposals for sidewalks on identified roads. 
  • Implement proposals for road improvements to accommodate bicycles.
  • Replace the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center in Kimberley Park with a larger facility that meets the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods and is ADA compliant.
  • Continue redevelopment efforts of the Neal Place area as City funds become available.

Contact Information

Kelly Bennett, Project Planner

Project Planner • (336) 747-7062

Revised 11/30/2016

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