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Southeast Winston-Salem Area Plan CoverDocuments

Southeast Winston-Salem Area Plan Update [pdf/39.0mb/64p]

City Council adopted the Southeast Winston-Salem Area Plan Update in September 2013. The City-County Planning Board recommended approval in July 2013. The plan contains recommendations on topics such as land use, transportation, community facilities, and historic preservation.



Planning Area Boundary

Southeast Winston-Salem Area Plan Boundary

The Southeast Winston-Salem Planning Area [pdf/550kb/1p] encompasses approximately 4,000 acres. The planning area is bounded on the north by the Norfolk-Southern Railway and property lines between Terry Street and Wintergreen Road; on the east by Salem Lake, Hall-Woodward Elementary School, Wintergreen Road, Coleen Avenue, and Oaklawn Memorial Garden Cemetery; on the south by I-40; and, on the west by US 52. The entire planning area is within the City’s zoning and planning jurisdiction. 

Plan Recommendation Highlights

The following recommendations are among those included in the Southeast Winston-Salem Area Plan, beginning on page 19:

  • Promote a mix of development types and densities in order to facilitate walking, bicycling, and the use of public transportation.
  • Apply traditional neighborhood design principles and standards to residential and commercial areas.
  • Develop appropriate neighborhood scale nonresidential uses in areas already zoned for commercial development and in designated activity centers and recommended commercial areas.
  • Strengthen existing businesses and encourage additional economic development.
  • Protect residential areas from inappropriate commercial and industrial encroachment.
  • Develop the Waughtown/Thomasville, Waughtown/Peachtree, Waughtown/Pleasant, and Southeast Plaza Acitvity Centers.
  • Implement Design and Appearance Recommendations for commercial districts.
  • Consolidate industrial uses at the identified locations in the planning area.
  • Develop mixed-use opportunity sites: former Nissen Wagon Works and the intersection of Thomasville and Clemmonsville Roads.
  • Provide sidewalks throughout the planning area.
  • Continue a high level of public transit in the area.
  • Modify existing roadways to safely accommodate bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Expand recreational opportunities and open space in the planning area.
  • Develop the quarry at Reynolds Park according to its master plan; develop the Flat Rock Neighborhood Park.
  • Expand the greenway network in the area.
  • Facilitate the development of affordable housing and increased homeownership in the area.
  • Encourage the preservation and recognition of significant historic structures.
  • Encourage the study of the unique mid-twentieth-century architecture that exists in the planning area.

Contact Information

Marco Andrade, Project Planner

, Project Planner • (336) 747-7057

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