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Walkertown Area Plan Update [pdf/57.5mb/60p]

The Walkertown Area Plan Update has been adopted by the Walkertown Town Council and the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners. The Walkertown Planning Board recommended approval of the plan on February 4, 2014, and the plan was adopted by the Walkertown Town Council on March 27, 2014. The City-County Planning Board recommended approval on April 10, 2014, and the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners adopted the plan on June 9, 2014. The updated plan will guide future land use and public investment decisions in Walkertown and the surrounding area. It includes recommendations for land use, transportation, community facilities, historic preservation, and economic development.

Planning Area Boundary

Walkertown Area Plan Boundary

The Walkertown Planning Area [pdf/450kb/1p] (left) encompasses approximately 12,000 acres, about 40 percent of which is within the town limits. The remainder of the plan area is in the Forsyth County zoning and planning jurisdiction.

The US 158 Interchange Plan Area is also contained within the Walkertown Planning Area, and this plan contains additional recommendations for properties within this area.  The interchange plan is available here.

Plan Recommendation Highlights

The following are highlights of the recommendations section of the Walkertown Area Plan Update:

  • Concentrate the highest intensity mixed-use development at activity centers such as the US 158/NC 66 activity center and in the Walkertown Town Center.
  • Commercial development should be concentrated in designated areas and not be allowed to take the form of strip development along major roads.
  • Construct the Northern Beltway between Business 40 and US 158.
  • Construct sidewalks within new residential areas, along thoroughfares and collector streets.
  • Study the feasibility of the proposed Lowery Mill Creek greenway and other proposed greenways in the area.
  • Consider expansion of the Town Center Park and the establishment of a new community park to provide for future recreation needs.
  • Encourage a variety of housing types to provide a mixture of housing opportunities in the area.
  • Recognize buildings, events or areas of historical, cultural or architectural significance with signage, plaques or markers.
  • Support the redevelopment/rehabilitation of older and underutilized commercial and industrial sites.
  • Promote land use measures that support farm and agricultural development.
  • Discourage the rezoning of property outside of the area served by public sewer to more intense zoning districts.

Contact Information

Kirk Ericson, Principal Planner

, Principal Planner • (336) 747-7045

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