Over the past couple of years, the Planning and Development Services Department has developed materials intended to promote development and redevelopment projects which are successful for both developers and neighborhood residents. These materials, which are collected here, include:

Missing Middle Housing May 2019 [pdf/15.0mb/108p]
In May 2019, John Miki of Opticos Design, an expert on missing middle housing, talked to Winston-Salem citizens about this type of development and its benefits to communities, citizens, and developers.  This file is a copy of the slideshow presented at that event.

Adaptive Reuse [pdf/3mb/36p]

Institutional Use Design Compatibility Techniques [pdf/10mb/16p] provides visual examples to help institutions grow appropriately within single-family neighborhoods.

Residential Infill Design [pdf/1.51mb/15p] provides visual examples of preferred residential infill design.

Context Sensitive Multifamily Design Techniques [pdf/7.8mb/24p] provides visual examples of how to design aesthetically successful multifamily development, as well as examples of design elements to avoid.

Multifamily Housing: New Trends and Opportunities [pdf/12mb/64p] is geared towards architects and developers, explains the current state of the multifamily market in Forsyth County and related demographic trends.

Legacy 2030 & Multifamily Housing (video) provides a look at new trends in local multifamily development, and features interviews with the citizens who call these developments home.

Strategic Infrastructure Improvement Recommendations 2016 Update [pdf/438kb/3p] looks at Forsyth County's development pattern as one of its long-term investments.

Commercial Development/Redevelopment Design Techniques [pdf/6.18mb/19p] illustrates development/redevelopment possibilities applied to real examples in the community of different commercial development types.

Development Opportunity Studies are aimed at identifying prime development sites for commercial, industrial, and multifamily residential land uses.

Winston-Salem’s Residential Opportunity Areas 2017 Update [pdf/13.7mb/26p] highlights sites for residential infill development in the center city area of Winston-Salem.

Downtown Winston-Salem High-Rise Development Opportunity Sites [pdf/11.92mb/28p] targets potential development sites for future high-rise buildings in the core of Downtown Winston-Salem.

Development Dashboard quarterly report analyzes new residential and nonresidential construction permit values and their locations for both Forsyth County and Downtown Winston-Salem.

Revised 6/28/2019

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