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Legacy 2030 and Area Plans

Legacy 2030 Update 2012 Online N/A
Clemmons Community Compass: The 2030 Comprehensive Plan
(by Village of Clemmons)
2010  Online only  N/A 
The Downtown Plan 2013 [pdf/16.5mb/32p]
(by Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership)
2013 For sale. Online  $5
East/Northeast Area Plan [pdf/15mb/82p] 2015 Online only N/A
Kernersville Community Plans
(by Town of Kernersville)
varies   Online only  N/A
Lewisville 2010 Comprehensive Plan Update
(by Town of Lewisville) 
2010  Online only  N/A 
North Central Area Plan Update [pdf/22.5mb/66p] 2015 Online only N/A
North Suburban Area Plan Update [pdf/47mb/66p] 2014 Online only N/A
Northeast Suburban Area Plan [pdf/3.77mb/100p] 2011 Online only N/A
Northwest Area Plan [pdf/5.12mb/92p] 2012 Online only N/A
Rural Hall Area Plan [pdf/11mb/74p] 2016 Online only   N/A
South Central Winston-Salem Area Plan [pdf/32mb/86p] 2015 Online only N/A
South Suburban Area Plan [pdf/10mb/100p] 2011 Online only N/A
Southeast Forsyth County Area Plan Update [pdf/45.6mb/70p] 2013 Online only N/A
Southeast Suburban Area Plan [pdf/18mb/74p] 2016 Online only N/A
Southeast Winston-Salem Area Plan Update [pdf/39mb/64p] 2013 Online only N/A
Southwest Winston-Salem Area Plan [pdf/11mb/76p] 2016 Online only N/A
Southwest Suburban Area Plan Update [pdf/9.74mb/76p] 2015 Online only N/A
Tobaccoville Area Plan Update [pdf/74mb/58p] 2013  Online only  N/A 
Walkertown Area Plan Update [pdf/57.56mb/60p]  2014  Online only  N/A 
West Suburban Area Plan [pdf/5.1mb/108p] 2012 Online only N/A

Town Area Plans

Clemmons Community Compass: The 2030 Comprehensive Plan 2010
(Clemmons web site)
Kernersville Community Plans varies
(Kernersville web site)
Lewisville 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update 2015
(Lewisville web site)
Rural Hall Area Plan [pdf/11mb/74p] 2016 Online only   N/A
Tobaccoville Area Plan Update [pdf/74mb/58p] 2013  Online only N/A
Walkertown Area Plan Update [pdf/57.56mb/60p]  2014  Online only N/A 

Historic Guidelines & Other Resources

Bethabara Historic District Guidelines [pdf/4mb/84p] 2012 Online N/A
The Bethania Freedmen's Community [pdf/1.36mb/142p] 2012 Online N/A
Forsyth County Historic Properties 1988 For sale. $3
Forsyth County Phase III Survey Report [pdf/1.89mb/142p] 2009 Online N/A
Forsyth County's Agricultural Heritage [pdf/8.8mb/97p] 2012 Online N/A
From Frontier to Factory [pdf/47mb/269p] 1981 Online (scanned) N/A
Historic and Architectural Resources of African-American Neighborhoods in Northeastern Winston-Salem ca. 1900-1947 [pdf/6.0mb/60p] 1997 Online N/A
Historic Resources Sourcebook [pdf/35.2mb/362p] 2007 For sale. Online
($42 w/ Shipping)
Old Salem Historic District Guildelines [pdf/4.9mb/92p] 2012 Online only N/A
Spanning the Past: A Survey of Selected Historic Bridges in Winston-Salem [pdf/9.9/124p] 2008 Online N/A
West End Historic Overlay District Review Guidelines [pdf/9.65mb/148p] 2006 For sale. Online $5
Winston-Salem's African-American Neighborhoods: 1870-1950 [pdf/9.35mb/90p] 1994 Online Only N/A

Development Opportunity Reports

Development Opportunity Areas - Phase III (Infill and Redevelopment) [pdf/44mb/80p] 2017  Online   N/A
Commercial Development Opportunities Study [pdf/84mb/117p] 2015 Online  N/A
Industrial Development Opportunities Study [pdf/58.5mb/85p] 2015 Online N/A
Multifamily Residential Opportunities Study [pdf/82mb/115p] 2015 Online N/A
Winston-Salem's Residential Opportunity Areas [pdf/33mb/34p]  2015 Online  N/A

General Publications

Area Plan Trends [pdf/1.2mb/16p] 2014 Online only N/A
2013 Forsyth County Trends [pdf/2mb/53p] 2014   Online only N/A 
2011 Forsyth County Trends and Development Patterns Report [pdf/2.35mb/71p] 2013 Online only N/A
2009 Forsyth County Trends and Development Patterns Report [pdf/823kb/64p] 2010 Online only N/A
Context Sensitive Multifamily Design Techniques [pdf/7.8mb/24p] 2016 Online only  N/A
Downtown Streetscape Plan Report [pdt/5.17mb/37p] 2016 Online only N/A
Forsyth County Food Access Report [pdf/2.9mb/15p] 2016 Online only  N/A 
Go the Greenway [pdf/0.8mb/2p] 2003 Online only N/A  
Greenway Plan [pdf/4mb/43p] 2003 For sale. Online $5
Greenway Plan Update [pdf/9.8mb/49p]
Online only
Guide to the Landscape Ordinance of Winston-Salem 1988 Available. Free
Neighborhood Conservation Overlay (NCO) District Manual [pdf/420 kb/24p] 2009 Online only N/A
Parks & Open Space Plan [pdf/5.5mb/100p] 2007 For sale. Online $5
Public Art - A Plan for Winston-Salem and Forsyth County, NC [pdf/1.98mb/17p] 2015 Online only Free
Public Art - Planning and Opportunities for the City of Arts and Innovation [pdf/6mb/30p] 2014 Online only Free
Revitalizing Urban Commercial Areas [pdf/4mb/107p] 2006 Online only N/A
Strategic Infrastructure Improvements Recommendations 2016 Update [pdf/438kb/3p] 2016 Online only Free
Urban Agriculture in Winston-Salem [pdf/868kb/2p] 2016  Online only N/A
Wake Forest University Area Bicycle, Pedestrian & Transit Study [pdf/7.1mb/88p] 2014  Online only  N/A 

2001 Legacy Plan and Associated Documents

Legacy Comprehensive Plan [pdf5.9mb/189p] 2001 Online N/A
Benchmark Report - Executive Summary [pdf/71kb/11p] 2007 Online N/A
Benchmarking Our Future - Update 2006 [pdf/99kb/11p] 2006 Online N/A
Environmental Considerations for Development [pdf/8mb/67p] 2004 For sale.
Metro Activity Center Guidelines [pdf/2mb/11p] 2003 For sale. Online $2.50
Northwest Activity Center Guidelines [pdf/1.61mb/19p] 2005 Online
Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) Design Guidelines [pdf/2mb/31p] 2002 For sale. Online $5

(1)NOTE: All documents existing in hard-copy format can be purchased in the Planning Department; however, many are only available online. Documents that are posted on the web may be accessed by clicking on the document name hyperlink. All documents, including those that are out of print, may be viewed at the Planning Department. Please call (336) 727-8000 to make an appointment.

Updated 5/16/2017

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