Winston-Salem Police-to-Citizen Web Site

The Winston-Salem Police Department's (WSPD)  Police-to-Citizen (P2C) web site provides an unrivaled level of interactivity between the citizens of Winston-Salem and the WSPD. 

Please note that you will need to use the Internet Explorer browser to access the features of P2C.

Police-to-Citizen (P2C) web site

On the P2C web site, you can:

  • search for and review police records, by address
  • submit non-emergency police reports online
  • view the most-wanted persons list
  • view accident/crash reports

The police records obtainable through P2C are filtered and do not contain sensitive data. If a citizen requires this information, the WSPD's Records Division is open to the public during normal business hours.

P2C's online reporting feature is designed for incidents that require police assistance but do not constitute an emergency.  A few examples of non-emergency incidents that may be submitted using P2C: aggressive driving, identity theft, larceny, police service.

The Police-to-Citizen (P2C) web site has other functions as well: the WSPD's most wanted list is displayed and fully up-to-date on the P2C main page.  A warrant list is available that displays all current warrants for arrest through the WSPD.  Reports may be quickly searched and viewed from the P2C main page if you have the report number.  Links to various city resources are found on the left side of P2C's main page.  Lastly, a direct link to the WSPD's crash reports web site is centered on P2C.

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