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Rollout News Summer 2013

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In this issue

Don’t Mix Other Items with Brush
Collection Changes for Labor Day
Do You Have a Yard-Waste Cart?
Recycle & Win List of Winners
Proper Cart Placement

Don’t Mix Other Items with Brush

The city is still working to collect all the brush from trees felled by the windstorm in June. The large amount of brush has created a backlog in our brush-collection program. To assist homeowners, the city has relaxed its requirements for brush collection. Brush crews will collect all brush left at the curb regardless of its length or diameter, provided that the brush collection trucks are capable of handling it. Very long, thick or heavy logs, such as tree trunks, will not be picked up if the collection grapple is not capable of hoisting it. 

If you have brush piled at the curb for collection, remember not to mix it with other items, such as garbage bags or bulky items. Brush is taken to one of the city’s yard waste facilities for mulching, and they cannot accept other items.

Collection Changes for Labor Day

Winston-Salem city offices will be closed Sept. 2 for Labor Day. CityLink, the city’s 24-hour citizen service call center, will be open to assist citizens. Garbage collections will follow the normal schedule. Recycling and yard-waste carts collections all week will be postponed one day.

Do You Have a Yard-Waste Cart? 

Remember, you cannot put grass clippings and other yard waste in the garbage. Compost your yard waste on site or take advantage of the Sanitation Division’s yard cart program. For a low annual fee, the city will come by every week and empty your yard cart. 

This is a year-round service. Use it for grass in the summer, and for leaves in the fall and winter. Yard carts can also be used to dispose of small branches, shrubbery clippings and garden residue. Yard carts cannot be used for stumps, rocks, dirt, large branches, construction material, animal waste, bags, boxes or garbage. You may not use your garbage or recycling cart as a yard-waste cart. 

Place your cart at the curb by 7 a.m. on your yard-waste cart collection day. Please remember to remove the cart from the curb by midnight of your collection day.

Only 96-gallon carts that are compatible with city's automated collection vehicles may be used.  Yard carts with hinged lids that prevent litter, odor, and insect problems can be ordered through the city for $65 by calling CityLink at 727-8000.  Or you can pick up a yard cart at the City Warehouse, located at 1550-A Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, between 7:30 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. You will need enough space in your vehicle to hold the 96-gallon cart.

The annual fee for collection fee for yard carts is $60 per year, from July 1 through June 30. This is a flat fee for a full year or any portion of it.  

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A YARD CART, you must have a sticker for the 2013-2014 collection year to continue to receive service. Stickers are available online, by calling CityLink at 311, at the Black-Phillips Smith Government Center ( 2301 N. Patterson Ave.) and at the business office in the Stuart Municipal Building, 100 E. First Street. 

Recycle & Win List of Winners

In all, 164 Winston-Salem residents were winners in the recent Coca-Cola Recycle & Win recycling promotion, sponsored by Coca-Cola, Harris Teeter grocery stores and the city of Winston-Salem. 

The promotion ran from July 9, through Dec. 28. Each week, at least six households in Winston-Salem with rollout recycling were be randomly selected for a recycling cart inspection. If the cart contained only recyclable materials that were properly prepared, the household received a $50 Harris Teeter gift card. The complete list of winners is posted at

Remember, ONLY recyclable materials go in the recycle cart! [video]  

Proper Cart Placement

All recycling and yard-waste carts, and many garbage carts, are emptied by automated collection trucks. When carts are not positioned properly at the curb, the driver has to stop, get out of the truck, re-position the cart, get back in the truck and activate the lift arm. The result: it takes more time and fuel to complete a route, which translates to higher costs – costs supported by city taxpayers. 

You can help keep our costs -- and your taxes – down by following these simple rules:

  • Put the cart at the curb or the edge of the pavement, but not in the street.
  • The silver lift handle for the lift arm should face the street. The hinge for the lid should be away from the street.
  • If you have two carts out at the same time, leave at least three feet between them so the lift arm can pick one up without knocking over the other.
  • Leave a minimum of three feet between the cart and mailboxes, trees, parked cars, etc.
  • Do not place the cart under low utility lines or tree limbs, or in front of cars or mailboxes.
 placement of rollout carts

Rollout News Summer 2013

For more information about these stories, or to report problem or request services, call City Link at (336) 727-8000 or 311 in Winston-Salem or use the 311 Live Chat icon below to connect with a City Link Agent.

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