Toneq' McCullough, Director of Transportation  Laura Whitaker, Administrative Secretary

, P.E., Director of Transportation, 336-747-6867

, Deputy Director of Transportation, 336-747-6883

, Administrative Secretary, 336-747-6868

, Transportation Financial Manager, 336-727-8473

, Transportation Engineer, 336-747-6831

Streets and Traffic Operations Maintenance


Vacant, Assistant Director of Transportation

, Transportation Operations Engineer

, Operations Supervisor, 336-734-1531

, Operations Supervisor, 336-734-1533

Vacant, Operations Supervisor, 336-734-1535

, Traffic Maintenance Supervisor

, Senior Accounting Clerk, 336-734-1540

, Senior Accounting Clerk, 336-727-8200

, Senior Engineering Technician, 336-734-1547

Parking and Traffic Safety

Rodd Ring, Transportation Operations Manager  Johnny Owens, Parking Control Supervisor                      Myra Stafford

, Transportation Operations Manager, 336-747-6990

, Street Lighting Specialist, 336-747-6875

, Parking Control Supervisor, 336-727-2104

Marlene Davis, Vehicle for Hire Inspector

, Special Projects Coordinator, 336-747-6882

Traffic Engineering


Vacant, Traffic Signal System Supervisor, 336-747-6879

Vacant, Transportation Engineer, 336-747-6883

, Senior Engineering Technician, 336-747-6874

, Traffic Signal Technician, 336-747-6885

, DOT Senior IS Administrator, 336-748-3228

Transportation Planning

  Matthew Burczyk, Transportation Project Planner   Evan Koff

Kelly Garvin, Transportation Planning Development Coordinator, 336-747-6869

, Transportation Principal Planner, 336-747-6871

, AICP, Transportation Project Planner, 336-747-6884

Vacant, Transportation Engineer

, Engineering Technician, 336-747-6876

, Transportation Planner, 336-747-6983

Vacant, Transportation Project Planner (Transit) 

Transportation Department Organizational Chart [pdf/391kb/5p]

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