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Utilities Division - March 23, 2018

Some Utilities Division customers who live in the Clemmons area may notice water pressure fluctuations or a temporary discoloration in their water next week when the water tank at 3552 Clemmons Road is taken out of service for routine maintenance.

The tank is scheduled to be taken out of service on Tuesday, March 27. If no issues with the distribution system are experienced, the tank will remain out of service for four weeks.

When the tank is taken out of service, changes in flow patterns in the water distribution system may cause fluctuations in water pressure or temporarily result in discolored water that appears red, brown or yellow. The potential areas that could be affected are south of Peace Haven Road and west of McGregor Road.

Citizens who experience discolored water should refrain from washing clothes as any discolored water could stain light-colored clothing. Although the water may appear discolored it remains safe.

To minimize the impact on customers, Utilities Division personnel will flush the water lines during the changeover. Citizens can assist the Utilities Division by reporting pressure fluctuations or discolored water to CityLink at 311 or 727-8000. This will allow Utilities personnel to prioritize their efforts.

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