The planning process is underway for the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan. The City has hired MIG, Inc. to develop the plan along with design standards. The plan and design standards will establish an intentional design aesthetic for the Downtown in its entirety to remedy the current "hodgepodge" appearance of Downtown streets.

A number of municipalities, statewide and throughout the southeast, have developed downtown streetscape master plans and standards as a means of creating a brand identity for their urban cores and establishing consistency between public and private investments, while still allowing for the unique elements that set each downtown apart from the others. As part of the 2013 Downtown Plan, the development of a Downtown streetscape design standard and implementation of streetscape improvements following that standard was recommended to ensure a functional and attractive pedestrian environment. The Legacy 2030 comprehensive plan further recommends as a policy the encouragement of designs that promote pedestrian-friendly streetscapes in Downtown and the Center City.

Downtown Streetscape Study Report [pdf/5.3mb/37p]

Project Boundary

The general boundary for the master plan is Eighth Street/Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to the north, Patterson Avenue to the east, Business 40 to the south, and Broad Street to the west.

Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, the West End Historic Neighborhood, and the Holly Avenue Historic Neighborhood are excluded from the Master Plan.

Upcoming Public Meetings

May 15, 2019

Drop-In Meetings
Lunchtime Drop-In: 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Evening Drop-In: 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Location: Footnote, 634 W. Fourth Street, Suite 120 (behind Foothills Brewpub, next to Bookmarks bookstore)
Parking: available behind the building (use 632 Holly Avenue for GPS directions)

Presentations will be given at the start of each meeting.

May 15 Drop-In Meetings Flyer [pdf/2.18mb/1p]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a streetscape?

A streetscape is defined as the visual elements of a street – the road itself, trees and other plantings, lighting, benches, bike racks, signage, public art pieces, crosswalks, etc. – that when combined give the street a character and feel. While building facades impact the overall appearance of the streetscape, they are not part of the streetscape itself.

Why is the streetscape important?

When combined in an intentional manner, the elements of streetscape can create an atmosphere that is inviting, safe, dynamic and desirable to residents and visitors alike. Having a proper streetscape aids in creating a vibrant environment that encourages activity along the street, establishes a distinct brand for an area, and fosters economic development.

How is the streetscape different than the street?

A street is the transportation corridor used to move traffic through an area whether by car, bus, or bike. A streetscape is the combined elements that create the experience felt once an individual gets out of a car or off the bus and walks to a destination. These elements can provide visual and aesthetic appeal as well as a sense of safety and comfort.

How is this plan different from other plans completed for Downtown?

The City has undertaken numerous planning efforts within the Downtown that focused either on a particular area or a particular aspect of the streetscape. These plans range from landscaping plans along specific corridors and neighborhood design studies to transportation plans for the Downtown. However, a comprehensive planning effort that looked at the Downtown in its entirety has not been undertaken. This plan will fill this void by developing a vision and design standards for the entirety of Downtown.

How will this plan impact the Business 40 Improvements Project?

This master plan and the Business 40 improvements are two separate projects. That said, the recommendations of the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan will complement the Business 40 improvements. The changes to the Downtown interchanges and bridges create a unique opportunity to enhance the current streetscape, particularly with the proposed two-way street conversions and new Strollway bridge.

Winston-Salem Downtown Street Study [pdf/23.4mb/87p]

Revised 2/8/2019

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